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I'm Murielle

I teach leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs the leadership habits and business techniques for achieving success and peace of mind in digital times. I used to be the CEO of a media company that I transformed with success by leading with my heart and my head. Today, I'm an academic Director at Solvay Brussels School.

Take the first actions to become successful 

in fast-changing digital times.


The 10 mistakes I made as a traditional manager

Don't make the same mistakes I made during the digital transformation of my organization. In this ebook, I explain the 10 biggest mistakes I made before changing myself & my actions. So many leaders make these mistakes in today's fast digital times.

How can I save time at work?  Five habits to stop.

Many leaders are currently overwhelmed, working really hard & sacrificing important things. In this guide, discover why that is, and what the five habits are you should quit to save time at work & reach great results. 


How can we help you?

QiLeader online course

For you

Designed to lead authentically in digital times with peace, meaningful impact & a better work-life balance. It's also part of the executive MBA from Solvay Brussels School.

QiLeader Teams program

For teams

Online program designed for building incredible teams ready for the fast-changing digital times. Empower, eliminate resistance, inspire, decrease workload & find meaning and fun (back) together.

QiLeader culture program

For organizations

Inspiring program designed to accelerate the cultural & digital transformation of your organization. For busy people looking for meaningful impact, speed and more humanity.  

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The participants that finish the program get a certificate from Solvay Brussels School & the University of Brussels

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