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Hi, I'm Murielle.

I teach leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs the leadership habits and business techniques for achieving success and peace of mind in digital times. I used to be the CEO of a media company that I transformed with success by leading with my heart and my head. Today, I'm an academic Director at Solvay Brussels School.

Download one of my free guides & take the first actions to become successful in fast-changing digital times.

The 10 mistakes I made as a traditional manager

Don't make the same mistakes I made during the digital transformation of my organization. In this ebook I explain the 10 biggest mistakes I made before changing myself & my actions.

How can I save time at work?  Five habits to ditch.

Many leaders are currently overwhelmed, working really hard & sacrificing important things. In this guide, discover why that is, and what the five habits are you should quit to save time at work & reach great results. 

I used to be the CEO of a media company and was working really hard for too little impact. By adopting new business techniques and new leadership habits, I successfully transformed my organization with more peace of mind. Watch my story here.

How can I help you?


I measure your level of consciousness, your culture & values and how safe your environment is to be successful in digital times. 


I love to inspire people through my keynotes and webinars. My aim is to shatter current beliefs and transform your "I can't" into "I can".


Through my workshops, I transform overwhelmed managers into authentic leaders ready for the fast digital times.  

Transform online

Through my online courses, I help leaders better cope with change, focus & transform for the fast-changing digital times.

Inspiring Proximus leadership team session by Murielle Machiels sharing her secrets on ‘Leading authentically in digital times’. Thank you Murielle for your valuable insights!

Samuel Sandoz

Dominique Leroy

CEO Proximus

“This course is a gift. You become another person at the end of the course. You actually better cope with all the changes. Although it is online, you feel connected with the other learners. Also, I feel more balanced since following it. Take the opportunity to be surprised !”


HR Director Nestlé

“By applying some of the habits, we already saw achievements with the team around empowerment. The course also taught me that to make a successful digital transformation, it is not about convincing people but about changing the habits of everyone.”


COO LolaLiza

“I am more aware and have more confidence. The course helped me to feel better and to remain motivated in my job. It made my colleagues curious, gave them energy and hope that things could change. I believe that if everyone would follow this course, the world would change.”


Head of Business unit ADE

Some of the world’s biggest corporations put their trust in me

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