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Transform your culture & mindset for the fast, uncertain & digital times 

Digitalization and the pandemic have disrupted our way of working forever. Today, it's hard to succeed with yesterday's business techniques, habits & mindset. It can lead to working very hard for too little impact, bad mental health, not being agile enough, disengagement or spending too much time in meetings. It's time to redesign teamwork, leadership, mindsets & habits for more impact, meaning & balance.

We can ONLY serve 5 organizations per year through this exclusive program.

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Designed for busy leaders

Blended program
24/7 lifetime access to the online program combined with workshops & coaching.
Audio version
Tired of being behind a computer? Listen to the podcast version.
During 3-6 months, we'll closely accompany your team.
Solvay Brussels School certificate with this leadership program
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The program is in English but our videos are subtitled in FR, NL & more.
Coaching of the team during live sessions and on the platform.
We'll measure your team's performance and empowerment.

The culture program

This program is designed for busy teams or organizations that want to become more agile, increase engagement, redesign remote teamwork, increase empowerment,...
What's Inside:
  • A tailor-made program adapted to your needs
  • An assessment that measures the empowerment of each team followed by personalized strategies for each team
  • 2 half-day workshops designed to transform your team or organization
  • An inspiring keynote designed to shift people's beliefs & start their transformation
  • An online course designed to change people's habits, build resilience, increase empowerment, adapt more easily to change and grow mindsets
  • A monthly call to help with all the challenges you face & to share within the teams
  • A learning group guide designed to create a community around this transformation
  • Bonus: Access to a 5-day challenge: "From overwhelmed to focused leader" designed to save time & get a better work-life balance
  • Bonus : The podcast version of the courses to optimize time
  • Everyone gets a certificate from Solvay Brussels School
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Why you?

This program is for you if...

you realize you can't ask your people to work harder (while you still need to be faster)
you're ready to let go of habits and techniques of slow times to adopt new ones
you're not scared to change yourself as it's key to change your organization
you're ready to go out of your comfort zone and adopt a holistic approach based on the latest neuroscience and sociotechniques
You're willing to do the work to get incredible results
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Our leadership programs are certified by Solvay Brussels School and the University of Brussels

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Happy Customers All Around the World

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HR Director Nestlé
This program is a gift. It’s an opportunity that we give to our employees to develop themselves because it helps people to really change. You become someone different at the end and feel equipped to cope with the change. Take the opportunity to be surprised and invite your employees to learn how to change.
Murielle Machiels, Qileader, leadership programs, authentic leadership, testimonials, love page, they trusted us, Tatiana Goetghebuer,
Head of Business unit ADE
“I am more aware and have more confidence. The course helped me to feel better and to remain motivated in my job. It made my colleagues curious, gave them energy and hope that things could change. I believe that if everyone would follow this course, the world would change.
Murielle Machiels, Qileader, leadership programs, authentic leadership, testimonials, love page, they trusted us, tom baelden
COO LolaLiza
“By applying some of the habits, we already saw achievements with the team around empowerment. The course also taught me that to make a successful digital transformation, it is not about convincing people but about changing the habits of everyone.”
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