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Lead Authentically

in Digital Times

Learn how to better cope with all the changes with more peace of mind and find your spark again to successfully transform yourself, your team and your organization. 

If you're a leader, manager, entrepreneur or a consultant looking to achieve success with more peace of mind - then you probably already know that ...

The speed of change has accelerated & you have to find a way to cope with it

You can't keep working hard all the time & exhaust yourself or your team 

You'll have to change some of your current business techniques and leadership habits

So, I'll spare you the spiel. 

No need to be a broken record and convince you of something that's already been drilled deep into your entrepreneurial mind.



By adopting the business techniques and leadership habits better-suited for our fast-changing digital times, you'll set yourself apart from traditional managers. You'll... 

Better cope with all the changes

There is currently one constant element across all markets: Change. Change is accelerating and impacting us or our teams very hard. When you and your team are able to better cope with all the changes, the pressure drops, you feel less overwhelmed and more in control again. You’ll be able to seize many more opportunities and avoid more threats than your competitors. You might even be ready to tackle your next bigger responsibility.

Become an effective and successful leader

You know you can’t do it alone anymore, you need your team or colleagues to become successful in digital times, especially with the increased complexity. With the skills and techniques to inspire and motivate others, people will follow you and help you reach your big goals. You’ll manage to get them on board despite the big challenges. Imagine how you’d feel surrounded by enthusiastic colleagues ready to tackle all the challenges that lay ahead.

Achieve a great work life balance and peace of mind

You know that when you’re full of energy and peaceful, you have more clarity, you are more creative, you are able to get out of your comfort zone, you can step back and analyze things more clearly. How would your life look like if you had more time to do the things you like and to be with the people you love? What would you do with your new-found energy and with all the time you manage to save?

Accelerate and support the digital transformation of your organization

One in three companies disappears within five years, big or small and probably your market is changing drastically. By playing a big role in the successful transformation of your organization, you’ll get a lot of recognition from your management and your colleagues. What if you could change the current culture of your organization and pave the road for success? What if you could attract the right talent?

Find your spark again & have fun

You get better results with passion and fun than with stress and resignation. When everything is hard and difficult, you lose your energy and motivation. Too many leaders have lost their spark, their sense of purpose. But you know that when you find that spark back, you can move mountains and people will follow you wherever you go.

Even though the reasons to transform yourself and your organization for the digital times are obvious, the path to actually doing it successfully is anything but.

Perhaps your organization is already in the middle of a digital or cultural transformation. But because they approach it with traditional techniques and habits, you all end up with too many things to do.

The plans change all the time, sometimes even before the implementation has started. Because the changes and problems are so frequent, you spend most of your time in meetings trying to align than doing your actual job. Some people are so tired of this inefficiency that they focus only on their job description or their own objectives. That’s when you get silo thinking.

You sometimes can get really impatient with your colleagues or with your team because things are not progressing as fast as you’d like. And you also have to deal with an inefficient decision process. With decisions that might even do more harm than good. And that frustrates you! 

You still want to deliver great results despite all these problems, you are committed to succeed. You might work harder and harder to deliver everything, in the evenings or weekends too. You might start sacrificing things that matter to you, sports, healthy food, family time, hobbies. And despite the hard work, you don’t always manage to deliver what is expected from you because of reasons outside of your control. You feel bad because of that, sometimes like a loser.

The stress is getting high internally and the burnouts have started. Maybe you have times when you know you’ve gone too far. The pressure to deliver is very high. You might start losing your spark, your motivation. You might not recognize yourself anymore. You have become very good at pretending that everything is OK. Sometimes, you can even fool yourself. You show up as this super(wo)man who is in control, who is strong, who knows what to do but deep down you can feel the disconnection, the awkwardness, the unease.

All because you (and your organization) are still using business techniques and leadership habits from slow times in these fast-changing digital times. 

And maybe you knew this, you figured this out. And you have started implementing new business techniques. But you face a lot of chaos and it still doesn’t deliver the results you expect because your organization doesn’t have the appropriate culture or mindset.

You have already tried changing the culture and the mindset. You might have even tried changing some of your leadership habits without success. As soon as you’re under pressure, your old habits take over. How often have you thought of giving up? Of changing jobs? But it seems to be similar in other organizations. You have to figure this out. You have to find a way to deal with all this. And because you have so many things to deliver and your time is very precious, you cannot afford to veer off course, to try a million of different things. Because with every failed attempt, you lose energy and precious time.

Luckily for you, there are not many leaders who have figured it out yet. In all likelihood, your competitors have either failed or are still struggling with their transformation as well.

Which means…

Even if you’re late to the party, there is still a golden opportunity for you to jump in and clean up the mess. You can still set yourself apart from other leaders and become really successful with a better work life balance.


The 5 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Right Now To Become successful in digital times without being overwhelmed


You’re so busy with today’s problems that you don’t have time to transform

This is the biggest mistake traditional leaders make. They are so busy solving today’s problems that they don’t see they are digging their own hole.

A problem is often a sign that a situation has changed and that you need to adapt. It’s often a symptom of something bigger. But if you keep working on the symptoms without treating the cause, it will be like getting the water out of a boat without fixing the hole at the bottom. You’ll eventually exhaust yourself and drown.  


Do you think the people at Canon had more time than the people at Kodak?

Do you think the people at Apple had more time than the people at Nokia?

There are habits you can learn that will get you out of this vicious circle of always working operationally.

By investing time in your transformation, you will save a lot of time and peace of mind.

You’ve tried a new strategy but the culture stood in the way 

Finding a good strategy is not always easy. At some point, I was convinced that we had found the right strategy and had an implementation plan. So, everything was okay, right? Wrong. It wasn’t enough. And I want to illustrate this with an interesting fact.

In my previous organization, I had to go through several sales processes because my shareholders wanted to sell the company. Twice, I told my whole strategy to two of my biggest competitors. I didn’t like it, but I had to because they made an offer to acquire us.

They knew everything—what we were going to do, how, when we would launch our new products, what the competitive advantage was for each brand, who was working in the organization … They knew everything, but the sale didn’t go through. It was like playing poker with my cards—and only my cards—on the table.

I was devastated at first, completely discouraged. How was I going to reach my budget with my biggest competitor knowing my every move? And still, we achieved great results, better results than they did, and that was because we not only worked on the strategy, but we actively worked on changing the culture as well.

At first, I didn’t really see the importance of culture. Within the organization, we agreed on some new strategies. I thought all went well, but we didn’t deliver on the strategies because people were still working with their old habits. It isn’t because we know something or because we agree on something that a new behavior becomes a habit.

And the culture is the sum of all the habits within an organization. If we don’t spend a lot of energy in changing the habits of an organization, the culture will eat the strategy for breakfast. Once we understood this, we focused more on changing the culture, and that was what our competitors underestimated.

By understanding how culture works and how you can change it, implementation will be 10X easier.

You think you don’t have the power to change things (or people)

Some leaders think you need to have a certain position in the organization to change things. Others think they cannot change people. And they are partly right. Trying to change people by telling them what to do or with other traditional methods doesn’t work.

But once you understand how we function as human beings, you’ll become more powerful than you’ve ever been. You’ll get more things done and will face less resistance.

But you can only change others by creating a safe environment and by changing yourself. For both elements, you’ll need new habits.

Have you ever noticed that you changed something that brought you success and then suddenly people around you start copying you?       

With the right leadership habits, you’ll have more power than you ever had before.

You’ve tried changing habits in the past without success and quit 

You might have tried changing some behaviors or habits in the past without success. And after several attempts, your conclusion might be that “you are who you are, and you can’t change”.

And it is true change is hard, but it is often hard because we don’t understand how habits are formed. You might have tried to change rationally, through your neocortex. But did you know that behaviors are situated in your limbic brain (center of emotions) and your reptilian brain (center of body functions)?

By working with the limbic and reptilian brain (with your emotions and body), you’ll change much more rapidly than only with your rational brain. You don’t have to imagine crazy things but by practicing instead of just understanding, by prototyping instead of just making a plan, by telling a story instead of stating facts, by changing your disposition instead of judging yourself, … you’ll change yourself (and others) much more rapidly.

You can change once you understand how.

You don’t want to change your essence to become successful

You have seen people climb the ladder and change. But you don’t like how they changed. You don’t want to become another person like them, you like who you are. Because of that, you decided to accept things you don’t like as a form of compromise.

You are right. I saw many leaders transform for the worse once they climbed the ladder. But that is because they show behaviors driven by their fears instead of driven by their values. And usually, those leaders don’t stay successful very long or are very unhappy. Do they really contribute to the success of the organization or only their own success?

When you succeed in managing your fears, you can start showing behaviors that are in line with your values, you’ll start becoming your authentic self. Once I understood this, not only did I reach greater results, got more peace of mind but I also became much more powerful than before.   

It’s by managing your fears that you become your authentic self and that your impact will increase.

I used to be the CEO of a media company and was working really hard for too little impact. By adopting new business techniques and new leadership habits, I succesfully transformed my organization with more peace of mind. Watch my story here.

Ready to follow a proven roadmap to transform and become a successful leader of digital times?

You now understand why many transformations fail and why many leaders are not successful in digital times. And if you’re still with me reading this…

I know you want to become successful in digital times and save time to do the things you really care about

I know you are ready to invest some time and energy as long as you are 110% confident that those actions will reliably produce life-changing results

I know you’re committed to doing the work and executing like a pro as long as you have the right plan

And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to accomplish.


The most comprehensive program to transform you into a successful leader for digital times

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from transforming an organization successfully and from supporting other leaders in their transformation and channeled it into a comprehensive implementation program that not only will allow you to cope with much more peace with all the changes but will also help you transform your organization (or team) successfully. This program does not only teach you the high level theory but the actual execution of how you can actually transform.

Leading authentically in digital times isn’t so much a training program

as it is a transformation program

Yes, it is the only implementation program of its kind that will help you save time in the digital age, transform the culture of your organization, cope with the many changes, adopt successful habits while becoming your most authentic self.  

The end result: A bigger impact, more peace of mind, a great atmosphere with your colleagues and a great work life balance.

“This course is a gift. You become another person at the end of the course. You actually better cope with all the changes. Although it is online, you feel connected with the other learners. Also, I feel more balanced since following it. Take the opportunity to be surprised !”


HR Director Nestlé

“By applying some of the habits, we already saw achievements with the team around empowerment. The course also taught me that to make a successful digital transformation, it is not about convincing people but about changing the habits of everyone.”


COO LolaLiza

“I am more aware and have more confidence. The course helped me to feel better and to remain motivated in my job. It made my colleagues curious, gave them energy and hope that things could change. I believe that if everyone would follow this course, the world would change.”


Head of Business unit ADE

"Leading authentically in digital times" has been taken by leaders from some of the world’s biggest corporations


What's inside "Leading Authentically in Digital Times"


Module 1

Your transformation path

There are a lot of moving pieces in a personal and organizational transformation. Seeing and understanding the path will help you get through it with more ease. The goal of this whole course is to increase your impact with more peacefulness.

To increase your results, it’s important to know what you would like to achieve. Your values are also very important beacons in a world of constant change. They will help you navigate through the chaos and complexity & better cope with all the changes. The closer you live a life in line with your values, the happier and more successful you’ll be but also the more authentic.

Why many leaders work really hard and why organizations don’t adapt fast enough

Learn the new business techniques and leadership habits

Learn how to transform yourself, your organization and ecosystem

Learn how neuroplasticity works and how to build lasting habits

Apply a methodology called SHEEPS to build strong habits

Evaluate your current professional and private life

Determine your values and your current level of consciousness

Prototype your purpose

Module 2

Shift your mindset

This is the module that will have the greatest impact on you. After this module, you will see your world with new eyes. It’s the equivalent of taking the blue pill in The Matrix. By seeing your world with new eyes, you will suddenly see more possibilities that might have been invisible to you previously. You’ll feel more at choice and more powerful than ever before. 

You’ll also understand why great organizations were disrupted before being able to see what they could have done.

You’ll also learn about a powerful habit that sets extremely successful leaders apart from the rest.

This habit alone will increase your impact and play a key role in you working less.

You’ll build more self-awareness and understand its power to increase your range of choice

You’ll learn how to shift your mindset to reach greater results

You’ll apply the FIDO method to reinvent yourself and your organization

You’ll understand and apply the power of Pausing, a mantra of the World's greatest leaders

You’ll learn the 5 Dispositions of a QiLeader, a powerful technique

You’ll better manage your emotions and understand their impact on your mindset and actions

Module 3

Manage your energy & fears before your time

You probably understand the effect that stress can have on your health and your productivity. Managing your energy is crucial to decrease your stress levels. But you’ll also learn how important is it to decrease resistance to change, to tackle challenges, go out of your comfort zone and to grow. It’s a crucial element of a successful transformation.

Today’s workplace is filled with fears and many decisions are based on fears. And when we are under pressure, we’ll often show conditioned behaviors driven by fear instead of the behaviors that will lead to great outcomes. As human beings, we have been designed to survive, not to be happy or successful.

In this module, you’ll learn how you can manage your fears. Once you free yourself from those, you’ll not only show up much more authentically but you’ll also more courage and freedom to act than ever before. That in turn will boost your results and improve your relationships. You’ll better cope with all the changes coming from our digital world.

How stress works and what its effect is on your body and brain

How to increase your energy

How to decrease resistance to change

Understand organizational stress and decrease it

Learn how to manage fears to manage success

Build a great safety net to become authentic

Learn how to trick your brain into courage mode

Module 4

Focus in chaotic times

With the constant changes and the requests coming from everywhere, you know it is key to focus if you want success in digital times. But how can you focus in this chaos? Focus means saying no to people, opportunities and threats. When you say no to something, it won’t solve itself magically and can generate chaos that you’ll learn to accept by letting go.

It is by learning to let go that you’ll have more control over your life and that you’ll be able to focus. You will have a choice: The choice to controlling what you want and to let go of others. Many leaders don’t have that choice because they can’t let go and so can’t focus. You’ll also learn how to work structurally instead of operationally and again save time & energy.

The 3 Pitfalls to dealing with any problem

CAFI, a problem solving methodology for digital times

Determine what you’ll focus on and how to keep your focus

The myth of multitasking

How to better say no (to people and things)

Learn to let go

Module 5

Increase empowerment and your team's results

Today’s problems have become more complex which means that you can’t solve them by yourself anymore. You need an effective team.  In this module, you’ll understand what differentiate the best teams from others and how to build a great team.

You’ll also learn the importance of managing the mood too and the power of storytelling, especially during a transformation. You will also learn how to increase empowerment and motivate people. Trust plays a key role in building a new ecosystem and knowing how to increase it is crucial.

The characteristics of a great team and how to drive team change, even if you’re not the manager

Listening and its power to create a new future

Improve the mood of your organization

How to build trust, empowerment and collaboration in an organization

Storytelling to boost people into action

How to increase agility thanks to empowerment

Module 6

Let's practice

Many of the habits and concepts will be new to you and you’ll be able to practice live at work but also with real work cases.

You’ll recognize many situations and be better armed to get the best results from them. Situations like a manager that imposes a bad decision on you, a colleague that plays a political game in a meeting, a team that doesn’t show enthusiasm for the digitalization, a management team that isn’t aligned behind a new vision,…

You’ll also learn how to transform your organization successfully. We’ll celebrate your successful transformation.

Apply the habits to different work situations to get great results and more peacefulness

How to transform your organization with the 5 Pillars of the agile temple

The QiLeader course summary


“Almost everything in this course was new for me. The course brought a lot of peacefulness in my leadership, in my private life and in my relationships with my colleagues. I suddenly see more possibilities and options to choose from than before.”


Managing Director Mensura


Plus an exciting stack of bonuses

designed to accelerate your transformation


Bonus 1

Implement the new business techniques

In the course, the focus is on being able to better cope with all the changes, on increasing your impact and peacefulness for the digital times, on changing the culture of a team or organization, on shifting mindsets. Once you have transformed as a leader (or as a team), the implementation of the new business techniques for your organization will be much easier.

In this bonus, we’ll cover a step-by-step approach on how to successfully implement the new business techniques better suited for our fast-changing digital times.

Growth hacking: From competitive advantage to focusing on new business models and an ecosystem that will increase the customer’s experience

Stop the frustration of plans that change constantly: From detailed planning to working agile towards a new purpose and values

Overcome silo thinking and improve collaboration: From a functional organizational structure to an agile one in cross-functional teams

Become agile: From centralizing decisions to increasing empowerment

Bonus 2

Tools and practices to increase your success

You can become a coach and facilitator of your transformation thanks to these tools, techniques and practices. In this bonus, you’ll find exercises and workshops that you can facilitate with your team. These will help implementing the change not only for you but also for your team.

You’ll also find somatic exercises (with the body) to anchor and accelerate your transformation and a bunch of other very useful materials.

Exercises to increase team effectiveness during meetings

Workshop to apply CAFI in team (the problem-solving methodology)

Workshop to increase empowerment

Somatic practices to accelerate your transformation and peacefulness (when overwhelmed, to deal with conflict, to shift your mindset, to make choices, to build resilience under pressure & to let go more easily)

Bonus 3

Live Q&A sessions with Murielle inside the private QiLeader Facebook group

Never get left behind. That’s the promise I’m making you with the live Q&As inside the private QiLeader Facebook group. Our private Facebook group is a community full of supportive leaders who are on the exact same journey as you are. Meaning, there will ALWAYS be an answer to your questions and you’ll get unstuck more rapidly than when you try alone.

When you join our course, you’ll be embarking on a life-changing journey that will test and challenge you in ways you haven’t experience before. But with both myself and your peers in your corner, you’ll turn isolation into inspiration – and frustration into fearlessness.

Live Q&A sessions to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move toward total clarity and confidence

A highly supportive Facebook community with fellow students and Murielle to make sure you get unstuck rapidly

Overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivation tank by connecting with other leaders who understand the journey and are here to help you cross that finish line

When you enroll during this special limited time period,

you'll get:

Leading authentically in digital times

6 implementation modules showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to become successful in digital times with a better work life balance

A complete, step-by-step plan showing you how to transform yourself, your team and organization

A methodology for you and your team to cope peacefully with all the change

When you join, you’ll be getting immediate access to the transformation path that will show you what lays ahead of you.

From there, you’ll be given access to one module every two weeks so that you have time to execute that portion of the project plan BEFORE moving on to the next.

We do this to protect your precious time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most leaders in their transformation.

Plus, these bonuses to help you generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it) right until your success 

Bonus 1: Implement the new business techniques step-by-step to successfully transform your organization

Bonus 2: The Tools & Practices to increase your success and facilitate the implementation not only for you but also for your team.        

Bonus 3: Access to a Private Facebook group and Q&A with Murielle so that you can get unstuck rapidly and maintain your momentum right through your transformation.

But because I really want to improve leadership in the world, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in Leading authentically in digital times at the special introductory price of just…


The QiLeader course allowed me to change my way of thinking and of solving complex problems with very interesting, new and productive techniques, particularly regarding digital aspects. I really appreciated the new insights that I could apply directly in my job.


Consultant data & digital transformation

Week after week, I saw myself transforming and adopting new habits. I handle things more peacefully today and I am more available for my team members. The team manages things more peacefully as well and can take a step back to better analyze things.


HR D’Ieteren

Week after week, I saw myself transforming and adopting new habits. I handle things more peacefully today and I am more available for my team members. The team manages things more peacefully as well and can take a step back to better analyze things.


HR D’Ieteren

Plus you'll be backed by a risk-free 14-day GuaranteeYou love the course, or I refund your money 

Leading authentically in digital times is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for leaders who are excited and COMMITTED about becoming successful in digital times.

Our community of authentic leaders is filled with helpful, motivated, and super-supportive members who are transforming themselves or their organization. When you join, you will be part of this special group of leaders committed to change their world.

Now here’s the kicker.

By the end of these 14 days, you’ll have received access to the transformation path, the module about purpose and values, the bonus with the new business techniques to transform your organization, the bonus with all the tools and practices.

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to define your goal and to start your transformation BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your successful transformation, simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

Need help for enrolling or do you have a question?

Contact me on:
[email protected]

Call Vincent Degardin, our Programme Coordinator
+32 2 650 43 73


HR and communication at High Tech Engineering Center

I have always been a good kid, a good student. But in today’s fast-changing digital world, it didn’t bring success, happiness, and calm in my life anymore. At some point, I felt a general tiredness, no satisfaction in my work, although working more than my usual average, no happiness and fulfilment, and I was supposed to take a much bigger role, leading the marketing team for the whole company. Then, I received an email about the QiLeader course and I was positively surprised with the warm tone of it. It made me curious and I decided to enroll.

The QiLeader course is very well based on confirmed theory, new science discoveries and practical and personal experience of Murielle. It has an amazing balance between theory and practice, where practical exercises crucial for adopting the changes in the behavior are in majority. Interaction with other participants, listening and sharing experiences are an invaluable part of the course as well. Today, I am way calmer in my everyday activities with my team and within the company. I have more motivation and a clearer path of how I can contribute to the company. I am also happier and fulfilled now. Which is quite a lot! :)

You are worried that ... 

… You don’t have enough time to follow this course. You are too busy.

Pascale is the Managing Director of a large company. In the last years, she went through 11 mergers and is confronted with different cultures. She had great difficulties to get everyone aligned and was confronted with the digitalization of her company as well. If there was one thing, she was lacking, it was time. She didn't have the time to do all the things that were expected from her at work. She had way too many things to do. But when she heard about this course, her intuition told her to follow it. She thought she would revisit a lot of things about leadership because she had already followed a lot of leadership courses. But to her surprise, everything in this course was new. The techniques she learned helped her to better understand the reactions and behaviors of her colleagues and to improve her leadership style. She learned to pause, step back and focus on what is really important. And she suddenly sees new possibilities and options to choose from. The course brought her a lot of peace in her leadership, in her private life and in her relationships with her colleagues. She just finished the course, but her colleagues already see a huge difference. When confronted with difficulties, they see she stays calm, analyses the situation and acts very calmly and focused. That is a side her colleagues didn't know from her. Following this course made her win time, not lose time. Time for her, for her colleagues, for her company, for her friends and for her family of course.


This is the biggest myth. People believe they have to work harder to face all the changes coming from the digitalization. But with the QiLeader course, you will learn new habits and techniques better adapted for this fast-changing digital world. You will not work harder but smarter and win time. Moreover, the lessons have been designed to be maximum 20-minutes long to take care of your precious time.

… an online course is not for you. You need to feel connected to others.

Caroline was interested in the course because her company goes through a digital transformation. She expected new information mostly but didn't think it could really transform her. She had followed online courses in the past. Those were very much focused on acquiring knowledge, not on transforming people. She was positively amazed by the QiLeader course. The combination of videos, cases, evaluations, webinars, questions, tools, notebooks, exercises, the comments of the other participants, the answers she received from Murielle on her own questions or thoughts made it all a great experience. She felt less alone because of this combination. She also participated to a learning group and a life event which made her feel part of a new community of authentic leaders.


“I managed to get out of the “survival mode” with the QiLeader course. Week after week, I saw myself transforming and adopting new habits. I handle things more peacefully today and I am more available for my team members. The team manages things more peacefully as well and can take a step back to better analyze things.” Although the QiLeader course is online, you will be part of a community of leaders facing similar struggles than yours. You will truly feel supported and less alone. The course has been designed to be very experiential and practical too so that you can immediately implement the techniques and see the impact.

… you can't change. You've already tried so why bother?

That is something Karine believed for many years. You are who you are. In French, there is an expression. “Chassez le naturel, il revient au galop” or a leopard can't change its spots.  Karine tried to change some of her habits in the past without success. It only made her feel even more miserable because she couldn't stick to a new habit. She wanted to give up and just accept that she couldn't change.


Then she followed this course and learned about neuroplasticity, about the mastery path, about how to change behaviors not only with the neocortex but also with the other two brains and how to apply a methodology to adopt new habits. She understood much better now how habits or neuroplasticity works, she applied the principles, practiced and finally managed to change some habits. She understood why she couldn't change in the past, what she was doing wrong and how to practice her new habits now.


Today, not only does she feel better, she looks better, she is healthier and has become a better leader. You will also understand why you didn’t manage to change in the past. It wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know the right techniques. With the QiLeader course, you are going to become the leader you always wanted to be.

… you will change but it won’t make a difference because your organization will still be the same.

Stéphanie started the course more for herself than for her company. She was aware things needed to change in the company, but many directors were blaming the context, the market or the heavy competition for the bad results. She was convinced the culture needed to change with the habits of the leaders. She followed the course and started applying the principles to herself.


Because she started to see things with new eyes and to change her habits, it had an effect on her colleagues as well. At first, they were reluctant to hear from these new techniques but then they started to see the change in Stéphanie, the impact on her results and her new-found peacefulness. Her colleagues became curious. That is when she started to share some of the principles with them. It had a real impact and gave them energy and hope that things can change. And the company is starting to change in the right direction.


Tom had a similar experience and is starting to see great results around empowerment within his organization. Be the change you want to see in the world. Both Tom and Stéphanie experienced this and had an impact on the others around them because of their transformation.

You will have an impact on your organization and if it is still not enough, you will find the courage and techniques to either do even more for your company or to open your wings elsewhere.

… your work will never approve the budget.

Anne wanted to follow the course but wasn't sure the budget would be approved. I send her a methodology to get better results from a conversation. It is a methodology I used very often with my shareholders to get what I want. The result: Not only was the budget approved but her CEO enrolled as well. Curious about the methodology that will help you get the budget for this course, a salary increase or something else. Go to https://www.qileader.com/trade/

… there is no place for authenticity in our current short-term economy.

For years, I had this belief. I had to pretend to be someone else to be successful in my career. I wasn't the same person at home as at work. I showed strength in all situations. I was in charge, in control of things and showed that. I was certain of things. I had to talk to be convincing and show assertiveness and I had to take responsibility. Even when it was hard, I smiled and said everything was ok. I didn't show my flaws and worked even harder to compensate for those. I had even managed to shut down my sensations to pretend everything was ok. But then at some point, I faced many problems and the results were not good enough. I felt really bad but didn't show it. And I felt really alone.


Because by showing up as this wonder woman, I had managed to alienate my colleagues from me, even some friends. I came at the verge of a burnout and that is what I needed to realize that this superwoman behavior was not helping me anymore and was not leading to good results. I followed the ontological training course and started to show my vulnerability, to be authentic. It helped me create really great relationships with my colleagues. Some would do anything for me. But also, that is when we became really successful financially and humanly. And even my shareholders and financial advisers liked this authenticity. I am convinced they saw courage in how I was showing up.


There are much more leaders going or wanting to go in that direction than you might think. They don’t always have the guts to go for it or to discuss it openly. But with the QiLeader course, you will find a community of people daring to go for authenticity. You will definitely not be alone in this quest and that is how I believe, we will change the way businesses are run, one authentic leader a time.

… including emotions and the body in leadership will feel weird because you’re very rational.

That used to be me. I am a very rational person. I analyze things, I like to read, and I even felt an aversion for all this talk about meditation, the body mind connection, … I would listen politely but think: “Yeah, right, you are naive but if it works for you, it's ok. But not for me.” And when I started to face many issues and to feel bad, I started of course with a rational approach. I started to read a lot about new business techniques, about stress, about how our brain functions, about personal development, ... I read a lot and started to understand things. But it didn't help me.


I understood things but didn't really manage to change them or to change my behavior. That is when I had this intuition. It felt like it was shouting to me: “You have to get out of your head. You are overthinking things and you are stuck in your thoughts. Get out of your head!” So, I choose to follow the ontological coaching training (mental, emotion and body) because I wanted to continue using my head of course but I felt I needed the emotions and the body part as well (also called somatics). I knew I had to do this but was afraid at the same time.


I learned that it is very difficult to change behaviors through the prefrontal cortex (our rational brain). I learned that the body and emotions play a crucial role in learning and changing behaviors. Not only because that is how I finally managed to transform but also because that is where I saw the best results with my coachees. And I am talking about small, almost invisible shifts with your body and emotions, nothing crazy.


… you like who you are and don’t really want to change

Fred is a very creative person. He has 100 new ideas in a day and has a very enthusiastic personality. He loves to learn new things and to try new things. Unfortunately, he doesn't stick to things, he rarely finishes something he has started. He changed jobs many times in the past. Always starting with a lot of enthusiasm and great feedback to then give up and change job because a nicer opportunity presented itself. People told him he should work on practicing more stability and that he should be more organized. At some point, he tried that but that was not only too hard, he didn't notice a big difference. On top of that he did not want to become another person, a boring person. He liked being creative and enthusiastic.


He didn't want to change that side of his personality. But not changing was costing him a lot in terms of failures but also in terms of peacefulness. That is when he followed this course. He learned some techniques to increase his awareness and to be more at choice. Instead of seeing himself as this kind of person, or that kind of person, he could adapt his behavior to reach the outcomes he desired in function of a situation. He learned to practice the QiLeader dispositions, in particular the anchored one.


Today, when he needs more stability, he can switch to that disposition and reaches better results. But when he needs his creative side, he still has access to it as well. He changed as a person without losing the essence he likes. He just learned to adapt himself better to different situations and to increase his choices and results. With the QiLeader course, you can become the person you want. You will just have access to more behaviors that will give you better results.


… your situation is very specific

This course focuses on universal techniques that can be applied whatever the sector, at home and at work, in a private or public company, in a one-person organization or a multinational. We have senior leaders following the course, middle managers, self-employed persons, employees without a team, people looking for a job, a surgeon, consultants, architects, coaches, people in real estate, ...


… you don’t have a team. You are not a manager

Eric doesn't have a team. He works in a large organization that just merged and the mood is very bad internally. He is not really happy in his job anymore and doesn't believe he can change anything. His stress is quite high. He enrolled to the course more out of curiosity of this new world but without expectations that it would change anything for him. He hesitated at first of course because he doesn't see himself as a leader and does not have a team. He is an expert in his domain. But this course changed a lot for him. He realized that some things were preventing him from evolving in his career and he had quite some frustration inside him.


This course brought him a higher level of peace, of confidence and gave him techniques to communicate better. He started to change his behavior at work and noticed that this new behavior had a positive impact on his colleagues and on the overall mood. He thought he couldn't change anything at work because he isn't a team leader but now he realizes that he is much more powerful than he thought he could be.


You don’t have to have a team to follow this course. You will even increase your impact on others even when you are not their manager. Your relationship with your colleagues and your boss will improve with the techniques and you’ll get more done without feeling squeezed by bad decisions.

… you already know a lot about agile or digital transformation

Laurent was in the middle of a career change. He was not stressed, on the contrary he was enthusiastic. After spending many years as a senior leader in the distribution, he has decided to launch his career as a consultant. His specialty is Data & Digital Transformation. Laurent is an expert and hesitated to follow this course because he was afraid he would not learn many new things. But he came to one of my conference and discovered a whole new world of leadership that would truly help him in his job as a digital consultant.


This course brought him a whole new way of thinking, a new way of dealing with issues and of seeing an organization. He learned things that were completely new to him, very practical and easy techniques that he could immediately implement with his customers. He understands even better how to manage organizational change, how to transform the structure of an organization and has adopted a completely new way of thinking that is extremely productive. Thanks to the principles in this course, he gets even better results with his customers on data & digital transformation.


This course is very complementary to the new business techniques. These often require a new culture or mindset that is often standing in the way of a successful transformation. By learning these new techniques, consultants & coaches can serve their customers even better and lead their project toward a success.

… your english is not good enough

Almost all the participants are not native speakers. Murielle and most other speakers are not native speakers neither. You can put English subtitles to all the video's and your personal work in the notebook and QiLeader plan can be answered in your own language. But of course, you still need a minimum level of English to follow the course. If you understand most of what is written on this page, you will be able to follow the course.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

I can’t start immediately with the course. Is that a problem?

This course in online and available 24/7. It has been designed so that you can fit it in your busy schedule. You can follow it whenever you want. Only the Q&A sessions will be scheduled at specific times. But don’t worry, if you can’t follow a Q&A session, the replay will be available to you. You’ll have lifetime access to this course so that you can follow it whenever it suits you and go over it when necessary.

Do I need to be online at specific times?

Only the Q&A sessions are scheduled at specific times. These are live conferences on Zoom or Facebook with Murielle where you can ask questions or deepen your learning. The other modules will be available 24/7. We value your time and know you probably have a very busy schedule. Therefore, you can plan your lessons whenever you want. Please send us an e-mail if you want the dates of the Q&A sessions in advance to plan in your agenda : [email protected]

I am a coach/consultant. Can I offer this course to my clients?

Many of our participants are coaches or consultants in digital transformation, business strategy, agility or HR. They often experience difficult implementations because of inappropriate mindsets or culture. By offering this course to their clients, they increase their impact in the organization because of the changed mindsets. Their mission is often benefiting from the improved leadership. If you are interested in offering this course to your customers, please contact us at [email protected]

What are the conditions to receive the certificate from Solvay Brussels School?

You have to complete the course, do the exercises and submit a final Personal QiLeader plan. You will receive the certificate by postal mail.


Still thinking about it?


You should give “Leading authentically in digital times” a 14-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

You want your life back… like… really badly

You are working really hard to keep up with all the changes.

More importantly, you’d prefer not to spend the rest of your career flirting with burnout while chanting the mantra of “I don’t have time” every time something fun and exciting pops up.

That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure to invest the next few months in transforming yourself or your organization. It will dramatically alter the rest of your life and career.

You want to be more than just a manager – You want to be a successful and authentic leader in digital times that impacts his or her world

This distinction is super important to you.

At this stage of your journey, you’re ready to take FULL control and ownership of your success.

You don’t want to wait for permission, and you definitely don’t want your life (or your family’s life) be influenced by the whims of a management or a team that may (or may not) deliver.

Sure, you recognize that there is a bit of a learning curve to make this “switch”. But you also recognize how life-changing it can be. And that is why you are willing to empower yourself TODAY to step up and grab the reins of your very own successful transformation.

You are just starting out with your transformation

And want to make sure you absolutely NAIL it right out of the gates by using the most powerful, easy-to-follow, “what’s working now” strategies.

You have already started your transformation...

but you haven’t reached the results you were hoping for. You face a lot of problems, overwhelm or resistance.

You care about what is working in 2019, 2020 and beyond

You get skeptical when others start dishing out concepts that worked for them back in 2014 and before when the rules of the game were different and the world was slower. You want to stay relevant as a leader and learn the latest techniques.

You’re so ready to “put in the work”

By now, you fully understand that when it comes to transformation it is not easy but completely doable with the right step-by-step approach.

This doesn’t scare you, it lights you up!

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