#69: What I want to do differently in 2022

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QiLeader in 2021 – the numbers

How did 2021 go for QiLeader? To answer this one shortly, pretty good! We had an 18% growth in revenues and had about 230.000 euros in revenue. For our online programs, that growth was 55% compared to 2020! Our profits also grew by 10%, we have made 40.000 euros in profits. 

But money aside, this year, we managed to help 309 leaders and their teams with our course Leading authentically in digital times and another 2250 leaders were inspired by our free webinars given throughout the year. We’ve also helped more than 1500 leaders with our leader quiz and free e-books you can find below! 📖
And in 2021, we’ve had 7500 listeners to our podcast and you are one of them! Thank you!

I also spent a lot of time doing research on empowerment within hybrid teams, which led me to developing a team empowerment assessment that 500 people have already taken! You can find that assessment in the show notes of this episode as well!

So all in all, a pretty good year in terms of number of people we’ve helped, but in terms of revenues and profits!

Improvements we made this year

In our courses, we teach you guys to create more balance in your life. And every thing we teach you, we do our best to apply as well! And that is something we have achieved very well this year. Daphne, Tatiana and me have had a great balance throughout 2021.
We also professionalized our in-company programs and automated a ton of processes in our business, which allows us to spend more time helping you guys! 

I also took a three-week trip to Costa Rica, which was an amazing experience! I got to know a lot of people, but also spent a lot of time writing half of the book I’m planning to publish next year!

And the last great thing we did, is that we now have a new professional website, whereas before we used to have two separate websites. Now every event, exercise, post or book we post can be found on the same website.

What didn’t go so well?

To start off, my colleague Daphne is leaving QiLeader to start her own company. It’s a great thing for her and I couldn’t be happier for her, but this of course means we are in the process of looking for another person to join us in our adventure.

The second thing that still should be improved, is our lead management, or rather, lack of lead management. We have a lot of generated leads, but we don’t really do that much with them. If we manage that better, we’ll have more and more stable revenues, which is a good thing of course. We also want to find new ways to generate leads. We used to run Facebook ads, but they have become too expensive after their little feud with Apple.

The last big thing I believe we should improve on for next year is our collaborations and partnerships. We regularly have people who’d like to collaborate and I know there is a lot of potentials there we haven’t fully used. It would be amazing to create an ecosystem where you’re not alone in trying to change the organizations and make the world a more human-centered place. 

What’s in store for 2022?

I am happy to say that I have reached the life I wanted to have a year ago. I now work less than 30 hours a week, I can work from anywhere and I still help leaders build meaningful lives. But as I reached this milestone, I feel that I need a change of pace, my life has become a little slow. That’s why I decided to travel two or three times a year for one month, to get more adventure into my life.
I also recently bought a house in Brussels (now I live just outside Brussels), to get closer to the busyness of the city, where I can reach my favorite co-working space SilverSquare in a couple of minutes.

How will this impact my business? Well, I’ll still be making content! I plan on finishing writing my book and publishing it in 2022. But I also want to develop more courses to help you guys out and create more stable revenues, as both my kids are going to college.

And last but not least, I’d like to hire a person who’s great with operationalization and optimization, to help me implement all the crazy ideas I have. 

How will your 2022 look like? It’s a good idea to review your year (we have a template below) and see how you can tackle next year. I hope you have a great 2022.

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