#63: The investment every successful person makes

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What’s the investment every successful person makes?

Before going into the subject, I’d like to start by asking a couple of questions. You don’t have to linger on them for a long time, but let them pass through your mind.

How does your life look like? Are you happy with it? What would you like to have more or less of? Could you continue this life for the next five or ten years? Would your teenage self be proud of the life you live? If you would be in your deathbed looking back at today, would you have regrets or great memories?

I’m asking these questions because a study among people at the end of their lives showed that many had regretted not having lived the life they truly wanted to have. Time is your most precious treasure, as it is limited. You can always have more money, have more things, more titles, but you can never get back the time you’ve lost.

The investment every successful person makes

From the moment you start spending a lot of time on things your teenage or older self wouldn’t be proud of, it becomes a waste of time. So how should you spend your time? You either spend it on being happy, or you see it as an investment to become a better version of yourself. So here comes the answer you have been waiting for. The investment successful leaders make, is the investment in themselves…

So ask yourself, are the investments you are making reflecting your values? Are they making you become a better version of yourself? I know that when I started investing time and money in myself, my life started to become more meaningful and happier.

Self-transformation through suffering?

I consider myself to be an empathetic person. I can often feel how other people are feeling and a lot of people are pretending that everything is okay, while I can sense them suffering. But we tend to be too afraid to let that suffering rise. But I noticed that when I locked in my feelings, I was overthinking things a lot and my thoughts went into overdrive. My intuition was telling me to let go and get out of my head.

From that suffering, I found the courage to transform and invest time and money in myself.

And you know what? Once you start positively transforming yourself, you radiate that positive transformation on the people around you. You inspire them to transform as well. And that’s how slowly, your organization that wasn’t aligned with your values anymore, starts transforming as well!

Now let me end the podcast by asking you to think about a couple of questions. Let them sink in and try to answer them as honestly as possible.

If you wouldn’t allow your fears to stop you if everything was possible if you had all the money and skills in the world, what would your life look like? What would be the life you wouldn’t want to retire from?

Who would you have to be to have that life?

If you have found the answer and you know who you need to be to have that life, start becoming that person and that life will be there for you! Have a great day!

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