#72: Hiring a great employee in remote times

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How can you hire in remote times, time, and cost-efficiently?

Nowadays, the workload is getting higher and higher. And since the pandemic, more and more people feel the need to spend their time in a more meaningful way. This has led to what is known now as The Great Resignation. That’s why it has become even more important to hire great employees and know how to keep them (motivated).

I recently hired a new member without wasting too much time, as I am always pretty busy preparing new things for you guys. In the span of only one day, I developed a highly efficient hiring process to attract talent, without wasting precious resources. I’ll be sharing the process I designed, as well as the tools we used to hire our new team member.

The hiring assessment

In the past, I used to hire new people based on their CVs, their past experiences, and the interviews I had done with them, but I missed one key element: my intuition. I now have learned that I should always, at least, check what my intuition is telling me. That’s why I decided to use a new kind of assessment that would take into account my intuition.

As it is really important to have diversity within a team, I asked people to do several tests:

  • the values test using the tools from Barrett Values Centre. That way, I could see what their values were and on what consciousness level they were. 
  • a strengths and weaknesses test, 
  • a high five test 
  • the 16 personalities test. 

Then I asked them two more questions:

  • What gives you energy at work and what costs you energy?
  • What do you need to function well in an organization? 

As everyone has different needs, it is important to know if and how you can fulfill these needs so that the new team member can work as efficiently as possible.

In order to attract the right people, it is important that you define the job and the company profile as well as possible. 

The tools I used

The following tools, free to use, helped me tremendously to hire talent efficiently. In total, I probably worked on the whole process for about eight hours; preparing the videos, installing all the required tools, scanning the CVs and videos.

  • Workable is a tool to centralize all the CVs you get and that works in stages. In the beginning, we had over 100 applications and most of them were selected for the next stage. Each stage has a new task (from CV to assessment, to interview, etc.). But our main recruitment pool was on LinkedIn, we used Workable for the process itself.
  • In one of the later stages of the recruitment process, I used VideoAsk to make a little interview. I asked them one question through video, which they could answer through video as well. I also told them to take their time and make as many takes as they wanted, as the answer is not about the video quality, the sound, or the lights, but just about their answers.


If you don’t want to spend a tremendous amount of time and money hiring new talent, but want to be very efficient and also keep that new employee engaged and motivated, you should do the following.

Firstly, you should spend some time designing a simple, time-efficient recruitment process. That way, you don’t have to spend days interviewing a ton of people to look for a good fit. Secondly, you should hire for values, look at the strengths of people and their complementarities as you will need a diverse team to get the most efficient inputs. 

And lastly, if you want to attract talent, look at the way you and your company are organized, what your mindsets and business techniques are. That way, you can change that to align with the values of the person you are trying to hire. 

I hope you learned a lot from this podcast! It would mean a lot if you left a review, so we know what we can improve on! Bye!

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