#75: A conversation about values, purpose and vulnerability with Lisa Morton

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Who is Lisa?

Lisa is the founder and CEO of communications agency Roland Dransfield. They help brands, businesses, and individuals telling their stories through many different platforms. Lisa Morton also specialized in values, which is why she is on our podcast!

A great tip to implement values

If you want to immerse important values into an organization, you will have to do more than hang these values up on the wall. These values, that purpose, need to go beyond the client, beyond the short or medium-term services your organization offers. These values should be reflected in the conversations you have with your colleagues and bosses, both formal and informal. Your marketing needs to reflect these values!
One thing you can do is to pick one of your key values and for one week, try to align yourself and your work as much as you can with that value. In the end… analyze! Try to find the things that went wrong and the things that went well. Then you can reflect on that.

Authenticity and vulnerability

To go beyond the superficiality of some corporate organizations, being authentic is essential.
Being and acting in line with your values and your company values is one part. But another part is to also be authentic when things don’t go as planned or take a turn for the worse; being vulnerable.
For a long time, being vulnerable was seen as a sign of weakness. Emotions were to be kept outside of business, as it was seen as distracting. But vulnerability is what connects us as humans. It makes us relatable. Not everyone is perfect, and neither are you. If you have the strength to show your weakness, people will feel great if they can help you.  And even if they can’t, you will show that it is okay to make mistakes from time to time. This creates a safe environment for everyone in the organization to work in!
I hope you have learned some things in today’s podcast episode! See you in the next one!

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