#94 - What overutilizing Chat GPT taught me

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In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the landscape of work and leadership, Murielle Machiels shares her profound insights and personal journey with AI, particularly ChatGPT. As the founder of QiLeader and the Academic Director at Solvay Brussels School, Murielle has been at the forefront of blending neuroscience with practical leadership training, aiming to cultivate positive, lasting impacts on organizational cultures and individual growth.

The Allure of AI: A Game-Changer in Productivity

Murielle embarked on her journey with ChatGPT, utilizing it as a versatile tool for various aspects of her work. The integration of ChatGPT into her workflow not only skyrocketed her productivity but also allowed her to personalize her offerings, tailor-making lessons and content to meet the specific needs of her audience. This technological leverage enabled her to create 40 lessons for her course in a single day, a task that would traditionally take weeks.

The Double-Edged Sword of AI Utilization

However, this journey wasn't without its pitfalls. As Murielle’s reliance on AI grew, she began to notice a significant drawback— the loss of depth and personal touch in her output. Despite the increased productivity and efficiency, the essence of what made her work impactful was diminishing. This realization dawned upon her when she noticed that content generated through AI, while efficient, lacked the soul-stirring element that traditionally characterized her work. The initial allure of AI as a productivity miracle began to wane, highlighting the essential truth that efficiency shouldn't come at the expense of depth and impact.

Realigning with Values: The Quest for Balance

Murielle's journey took a pivotal turn when she recognized that the mass production of content, facilitated by AI, did not align with her core values. The realization that such content contributed more to the zombification of audiences rather than enhancing their well-being prompted a reevaluation of her approach. This introspection led to a profound inquiry into the role of consciousness in the digital age, questioning not just the potential consciousness of AI but more importantly, the consciousness of human beings interacting with it.

Conscious Leadership in the Age of AI

This journey of reflection and realization brought Murielle back to a fundamental principle she teaches in her leadership programs: the concept of slowing down to speed up. By embracing mindfulness and presence, she rediscovered the wisdom and creativity that true leadership requires. This wisdom, coupled with the efficient use of AI, created a synergistic blend that amplified her impact without sacrificing depth or personal connection. Murielle's experience underscores the importance of using AI not as a crutch but as a tool that, when used wisely, can enhance human creativity and innovation.

AI and Consciousness: Elevating Beyond Technology

Murielle advocates for a balanced approach to AI, emphasizing the need to elevate one's consciousness to harness technology for true impact. She posits that consciousness, encompassing self-awareness and the clarity of one's thoughts and emotions, is crucial in determining the extent to which technology can be used for positive change. In doing so, she challenges leaders and individuals alike to aspire not just to become masters of technology but to transcend it, cultivating a level of consciousness that allows for the harmonious integration of technology into our lives for the betterment of humanity.

The Future of Leadership: Navigating the AI Tsunami

As we stand on the precipice of unprecedented change brought about by AI, Murielle's insights serve as a beacon for leaders navigating this new landscape. Her call to action is clear: embrace AI but do so with mindfulness and consciousness, ensuring that technology amplifies our human values rather than diminishing them. In her concluding thoughts, Murielle invites individuals to assess their adaptability to this fast-paced, technologically driven world, offering a path towards becoming what she terms "Buddha AI" - beings who leverage technology with wisdom, presence, and consciousness, standing in stark contrast to the "zombie AI" that merely consumes without thought.

In the quest for leadership excellence in the digital age, Murielle Machiels's journey with AI offers invaluable lessons on the importance of balancing efficiency with depth, technology with humanity, and productivity with mindfulness. As we forge ahead, let us take these lessons to heart, striving to harness the power of AI in ways that uplift, inspire, and connect, truly embodying the essence of conscious leadership.


Murielle Machiels's narrative is a compelling testament to the potential of AI in enhancing leadership and productivity, tempered with a mindful approach that prioritizes impact over output. As AI continues to evolve, her insights and experiences offer a roadmap for integrating technology with humanity, ensuring that we remain conscious creators rather than passive consumers in this digital age.

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