#92 - How to Achieve 93% Engagement: the Carglass Formula, with Bart Lambrechts

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How Carglass Achieved a Remarkable 93% Employee Engagement Rate

In an era where employee engagement is a critical yet often elusive goal for companies worldwide, Carglass sets a precedent with an astounding 93% engagement rate among its workforce. In this episode of "Rebel Leader with a Heart," Bart Lambrechts, People Director of Carglass Belgium and Luxembourg, unveils the strategies behind this success. This blog post delves into Lambrechts's insights, offering actionable advice for organizations aiming to boost their employee engagement and, consequently, their overall performance.

The Carglass Philosophy: Engagement Beyond the Numbers

While many companies grapple with disengagement—Gallup reports a mere 13% engagement rate in Europe—Carglass has managed to cultivate an environment where nearly all its employees feel connected, motivated, and committed to their work. Lambrechts attributes this achievement not to a single formula but to a comprehensive approach centered around purpose, individual growth, and a culture of real care.

Purpose at the Core

For Carglass, the key to engagement lies in aligning the company's purpose with that of its employees. Bart emphasizes that making a difference through real care—not just for customers but also for employees, the environment, and shareholders—is what energizes the team. This sense of purpose is ingrained in employees from the outset, guiding recruitment, training, and development processes. Carglass looks beyond technical skills, focusing on attitude and the potential to contribute to the company's mission of making a difference.

Empowering Through Ownership and Growth

Ownership and personal development stand at the forefront of Carglass's engagement strategy. Bart discusses the importance of empowering employees to take charge of their careers and growth within the company. This empowerment is facilitated through regular feedback, leadership development, and opportunities for employees to find and align their personal purposes with the company's goals. Carglass has moved away from traditional yearly evaluations, adopting a "Progress Together" model that emphasizes continuous feedback and development.

Community, Care, and Connection

Another pillar of Carglass's strategy is fostering a strong sense of community and belonging among employees. The company organizes workshops and activities not directly related to business but focused on personal well-being, team bonding, and social responsibility. These initiatives reinforce the company's care for its employees and the broader community, enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement.

Key Takeaways for Leaders

  • Align Company and Personal Purpose: Help employees find a connection between their personal goals and the company's mission.
  • Empower and Develop: Shift from traditional evaluations to a culture of continuous feedback and growth.
  • Foster a Sense of Community: Create opportunities for employees to connect, contribute to social causes, and feel part of a bigger purpose.

Bart's experience at Carglass serves as a powerful example for other organizations striving to enhance employee engagement. By prioritizing purpose, personal growth, and a supportive culture, companies can not only improve engagement rates but also drive performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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