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Watch how others transformed themselves or their organization thanks to our programs

As a CEO, I’ve already taken many leadership courses. But almost everything was new for me in this program. It has brought a lot of peacefulness in my leadership, in my private life and in my relationship with my colleagues.

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from previous cohort

Learn about the incredible transformation of Claire, a senior leader at P&G, with who I had an amazing conversation on our Rebel Leader with a heart podcast.​

Claire Van Hoorn

Senior leader at P&G

- The course helped me to feel better and to remain motivated in my job - 

This course is a gift. You become another person at the end of the course. You actually better cope with all the changes. Although it is online, you feel connected with the other learners. Also, I feel more balanced since following it. Take the opportunity to be surprised !”


HR Director Nestlé

“By applying some of the habits, we already saw achievements with the team around empowerment. The course also taught me that to make a successful digital transformation, it is not about convincing people but about changing the habits of everyone.”


COO LolaLiza

“I am more aware and have more confidence. The course helped me to feel better and to remain motivated in my job. It made my colleagues curious, gave them energy and hope that things could change. I believe that if everyone would follow this course, the world would change.


Head of Business unit ADE

By following this course, I noticed a lot of positive changes.

My colleagues appreciate my time more and my work.

I achieve more in less time so that I work more efficiently and this is a positive result.


eMBA Solvay Brussels School's participant

It was very very valuable.

I think those 6 modules are a very concise way to understand ourselves and especially in the business environment but in life as such.

Today, I would recommend this course in every corporation.


eMBA Solvay Brussels School's participant

And I really enjoyed all the content.

I was really really inspired and it really guided me to re-think what I'm doing and what I want to do.




eMBA Solvay Brussels School's participant

Before the summer I was lost & I didn't know what to do.

During the course, the best tool that I've learned is to keep an eye on my energy level.

I've understood that it is always better to manage energy rather than time. And I apply it every day.

Last but not least, my values.

I know what my core values are which is very important and  I have a plan to move forward, to move towards a more peaceful meaningful and I hope purposeful life.

I owe you a lot Murielle. I owe you a lot, and I really truly appreciate this learning, those modules.

I really wanted to thank you.


eMBA Solvay Brussels School's participant

I have the feeling that I know myself better.

Now, it made me think about what matters to me. What is really important in my life and what I care about.

And I realized during the past years, I have always put work above all I did not really question my priorities. I did what I did what was expected from me and at work.

I've always said yes, always took more and more work, putting pressure on myself

And this had an impact on my private life on friends and families and on my health as well.

This course really helped me to change that, to question myself.

So I would really like to thank you to make this twist in my head finally happening because I really needed it.


eMBA Solvay Brussels School's participant


HR and communication at High Tech Engineering Center

I have always been a good kid, a good student. But in today’s fast-changing digital world, it didn’t bring success, happiness, and calm in my life anymore. At some point, I felt a general tiredness, no satisfaction in my work, although working more than my usual average, no happiness and fulfilment, and I was supposed to take a much bigger role, leading the marketing team for the whole company. Then, I received an email about the QiLeader course and I was positively surprised with the warm tone of it. It made me curious and I decided to enroll.

The QiLeader course is very well based on confirmed theory, new science discoveries and practical and personal experience of Murielle. It has an amazing balance between theory and practice, where practical exercises crucial for adopting the changes in the behavior are in majority. Interaction with other participants, listening and sharing experiences are an invaluable part of the course as well. Today, I am way calmer in my everyday activities with my team and within the company. I have more motivation and a clearer path of how I can contribute to the company. I am also happier and fulfilled now. Which is quite a lot! :)

Olivier Blanc

HR Director Nestlé Belgium

This program is a gift. It’s an opportunity that we give to our employees to develop themselves because it’s a program that helps people to really change. You become someone different at the end and feel equipped to cope with the change. Take the opportunity to be surprised and invite your employees to learn how to change. It’s online so it gives the opportunity to the people to practice wherever they are. As costs are not so high, we could offer it to a very large group. It’s between coaching and leadership.

It was a crisis moment for me. I was wondering: "Do I stay or do I find a way to be more motivated?". The course was really motivating. It was a transformation for me. It changed a lot. It helps you as a person (at home and at work). I feel calmer and my team is working well. We are all more motivated to do more & get more recognition. 


- It gives me a lot of tools for my career and all the project I'm working on - 

I didn't think I could change a major decision as I didn't have the authority but by applying some of the principles of the course, I had a big impact on my boss and the organization. I was so happy to be able to change that. It made me realize that I have more power than I originally thought.


It was really motivating for my team. They felt more empowered and got more recognition because of all the great work we did. I remember all the bad things I did before the course. If only, I had known the course before.


It was kind of a trigger for me to start doing changes because I was quite self-aware also before and I knew what I should work on but now I finally started so thank you for that!


- The course allowed me to change my way of thinking and of solving complex problems with very interesting, new, and productive techniques, particularly regarding digital aspects. - 

The QiLeader course allowed me to change my way of thinking and of solving complex problems with very interesting, new and productive techniques, particularly regarding digital aspects. I really appreciated the new insights that I could apply directly in my job.


Consultant data & digital transformation

Week after week, I saw myself transforming and adopting new habits. I handle things more peacefully today and I am more available for my team members. The team manages things more peacefully as well and can take a step back to better analyze things.


HR D’Ieteren

“Almost everything in this course was new for me. The course brought a lot of peacefulness in my leadership, in my private life and in my relationships with my colleagues. I suddenly see more possibilities and options to choose from than before.”


Managing Director Mensura

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Change your habits and adopt an agile mindset in your life and organization to lead successfully through fast digital times.

And we can help you to reach that goal thanks to our leadership programs.


They are designed for c-level, senior leaders or whole teams


Transform yourself


Online certified program "Leading authentically in digital times"  with Solvay Brussels School designed to transform busy leaders looking for more impact, meaning and balance in today's fast, digital and uncertain times. 


Empower your team

Online certified program "Leading through empowerment" with Solvay Brussels School designed to build high-performing teams. Empower, eliminate resistance, inspire, decrease workload & find meaning and fun (back) together. 

Transform your organization

Inspiring program (online and live moments) designed to shift the culture of a busy team or organization towards more agility, resilience, empowerment, focus & well-being. It transforms people instead of giving more knowledge.

Our certificate partner is : 

The participants that finish the program get a certificate from Solvay Brussels School & the University of Brussels

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