I lost myself because of my financial security fear... but found my way back.

2019-10-02 17:13:52
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“I don’t recognize the Murielle I know in your videos and emails. What if you trust yourself more and see what emerges? “ Kimberly Hunn, my coach and friend said this to me and it hit me really deeply. It moved me to the core and made me cry.


In these past months, I’ve lost myself a bit.

Not in my live interactions with you but in how I built my business, my videos and emails. I wasn’t completely authentic and I apologize for this if you felt it too. I’ve let my safety & security fear get in the way. And so, I fell into the “perfect student trap”. I took many courses on online marketing, enrolled in a US business club, listened to hours of podcasts on how to build a successful online business. In fact, I learned so many things that I could even teach them myself now. Then, I started to dream of building a business like these rich and famous marketing guru’s. For that, I needed daily videos, weekly vlogs, Facebook ads, social media posts, free guides,… And I started building these things more for the sake of building them and for fulfilling my safety & security needs. And let me be clear, these things are useful and have helped many leaders but they weren’t built with all my heart and all my intention. I wasn’t fully present in them. That is why I want to apologize to you.

When I'm fully present and aligned with my purpose, I attract great things

When I’m fully present, completely aligned with my purpose, when I don’t care about what others think or about what I’m supposed to do, when I don’t try to be perfect or to make money, when I am just my vulnerable whole self…

…that is when I attract great things. That is when I really help leaders transform. And that is when the money comes naturally.

I was too much in the “doing” and not enough in the “being”.

I only reached great results as a CEO when I dared to be my vulnerable whole self, when I let go of the shield that was keeping me safe (and stuck).

I don’t regret this period of losing myself. First, because it allows me to share this story with you but also I come back from it even more grounded and purposeful than before. And all this online marketing knowledge will be useful in pursuing my purpose successfully. I can now let go of the mechanics of it and trust what will emerge to serve you even better.

Are you lost sometimes?

Maybe you can relate to my story. Maybe you have lost yourself too in pursuing financial security. Please don’t feel bad about it. Being an authentic leader is not about being perfect all the time. It’s about losing yourself, realizing it and coming back to who you really are.



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