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Since COVID and with the digitalization, the profile of the new CEO is drastically changing. Trends has joined our VIP event where we presented the latest trends to Directors.

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During our VIP presentation

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This is a Must Attend If...

You are looking to build a more human team or organization

You feel disconnected from yourself & others with the remote working

You are looking to increase human connection in your team, with your customers and stakeholders

You want to accelerate and support the transformation of your organization

You are really busy and looking for more balance and meaning

There is no going back to normal...

Digitalization was already fundamentally transforming organizations, teams and their leaders. But the pandemic accelerated this transformation and complexified things.

Working from home, the lack of boundaries, the disconnection, the increased workload, the increased time spent in virtual meetings, the anxiety of going back to the office… but also more time spent with family, fewer traffic jams, more exercising.

All this has fundamentally impacted people, their engagement, and their well-being. A lot of us are rearranging our priorities because we’ve been in touch with our mortality and fragility. 

Leaders need to adapt to this new reality

Teams have been impacted heavily as well and the hybrid model will probably be the new way of working.

So, leaders need to adapt to this new reality to get the best out of people and from their teams.

The pandemic is accelerating the paradigm shift of our society. And you choose if you want to be part of the bright future or hold on to the crumbling past.

This webinar is the result of in-depth interviews with CEOs and directors, of accompanying more than 500 leaders, and assessing over 20 teams during COVID.

A personal invitation from Murielle…

I used to be the CEO of a media company in the midst of a digital transformation and worked really hard for too little impact. We were also not adapting fast enough to all the changes coming from the digital times.


I transformed the organization and changed my leadership habits using the techniques & strategies I now teach. We reached amazing results in terms of revenue and profit growth. But also, we had zero burnouts and our absenteeism was half of the national average. All that – while working less. We were happier and successful in digital times.


Today, I’m an academic Director at Solvay Brussels School and I help many leaders reach amazing success.


If you’re committed to making 2021 your year, I can’t wait to slash that learning curve and help you get there faster.

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