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Leading authentically in digital times

Impact, meaning & balance for you & your team in today's fast, digital & uncertain times

Our next program starts October 18th, 2021

If you are interested in taking the course with your team or your whole organization, schedule directly a call with us and discover our offers on our culture program page.



They are designed for c-level, senior leaders or whole teams

Your transformation path

Everything you need to transform yourself & your team for the digital times in a meaningful and peaceful way.

An online course designed to change your habits, build resilience, increase empowerment, adapt more easily to change and achieve a better work-life balance

6 modules released every two weeks over 12 weeks - Plan 30 slots of 30 minutes to go through your transformation

Access to a community of like-minded leaders looking for a meaningful career & life

24/7 access when & where you want

LIVE: Q&A sessions with Murielle every month

LIVE: Live event at Solvay Brussels School (when COVID allows it)

Bonus : The podcast version of the courses to optimize time

A certificate from Solvay Brussels School

A mix of short videos, ebooks, evaluations, cases, articles, practices & exercises based on the latest research in neuro-science designed to transform you, not to simply give you more knowlegde. 

Our certificated partner is : 

The participants that finish the course get a certificate from Solvay Brussels School & the University of Brussels.

The QiLeader course is also part of the Exexutive Master in Business Administration (EMBA)

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The QiLeader course is for you if...

you realize you & your team can't continue at this pace for too long

But you still want to deliver great results 

you want BOTH a great career & a great personal life

you're looking for more meaning without necessarily changing jobs

You want an engaged & empowered (remote) team

You're willing to do the work (& transform yourself) to get incredible results

“I am more aware and have more confidence. The course helped me to feel better and to remain motivated in my job. It made my colleagues curious, gave them energy and hope that things could change. I believe that if everyone would follow this course, the world would change.”


Head of Business unit ADE

Week after week, I saw myself transforming and adopting new habits. I handle things more peacefully today and I am more available for my team members. The team manages things more peacefully as well and can take a step back to better analyze things.


HR D’Ieteren

It was a crisis moment for me. I was wondering: "Do I stay or do I find a way to be more motivated?". The course was really motivating. It was a transformation for me. It changed a lot. It helps you as a person (at home and at work). I feel calmer and my team is working well. We are all more motivated to do more & get more recognition. 


Olivier Blanc

HR Director Nestlé Belgium

This course is a gift. It’s an opportunity that we give to our employees to develop themselves because it’s a program that helps people to really change. You become someone different at the end and feel equipped to cope with the change. Take the opportunity to be surprised and invite your employees to learn how to change. It’s online so it gives the opportunity to the people to practice wherever they are. As costs are not so high, we could offer it to a very large group. It’s between coaching and leadership.

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