Hybrid teams - How to lead them?

There is no going back to normal for your team!

Some teams thrived during the pandemic while others drowned.

Are you curious to understand the 4 unexpected drivers that made all the difference? And maybe, you'd like to assess the performance of your team?

Because let me tell you, there is no going back to normal. Simply having people come back to the office will not move the needle for high-performing teams.

Sep 16, 2022 12:15 PM
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This is a Must-Attend If...

  • You are looking to build a more human team or organization
  • You feel disconnected from yourself & others with the remote working
  • You & your team are busy all the time because of the workload
  • You lack clarity in your team about roles, tasks, priorities and processes
  • You feel more like a firefighter than a strategist or people manager
  • You want to find your spark again & have fun at work
  • You want more autonomy to do the things you feel are necessary
  • You want to engage, motivate and empower remote teams
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"Inspiring session by Murielle Machiels sharing her secrets on ‘Leading authentically in digital times’. Thank you Murielle for your valuable insights!"
Dominique Leroy — Ex-CEO of Proximus
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"It was kind of a trigger for me to start doing changes because I was quite self-aware also before and I knew what I should work on but now I finally started so thank you for that!"
Dunja — Qileader 2020