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Leading through empowerment


Learn how to inspire, engage & empower your (remote) teams in fast, digital, and uncertain times

Whether you’ve been working really hard for too little impact or you just want to stay relevant as a leader in fast-changing digital times …

2021 can be the big breakthrough year you’ve been waiting for.


Join our empowerment program to get fully updated on what it takes to become a successful (hybrid)  team in digital times with more peace of mind.


This program is for team leaders & team members.



They are designed for c-level, senior leaders, and whole team.

Your transformation path

Everything you need to empower your (remote) teams in the digital times in a meaningful and authentic way.

A tailor-made program adapted to your needs

An assessment that measures the empowerment of each team followed by personalized strategies for each team

An inspiring keynote designed to shift people's beliefs & start their transformation

An online course designed to change people's habits, build resilience, increase empowerment, adapt more easily to change and grow mindsets

A monthly call to help with all the challenges you face & to share within the teams

A learning group guide designed to create a community around this transformation

Bonus: Access to a 5-day challenge: "From overwhelmed to focused leader" designed to save time & get a better work-life balance

Bonus : The podcast version of the courses to optimize time

Everyone gets a certificate from Solvay Brussels School


Our certificated partner is : 

The participants that finish the program get a certificate from Solvay Brussels School & the University of Brussels

This program is for you if...

You are tired of spending your days in virtual meetings

You & your team are busy all the time because of the workload

You lack clarity in your team about roles, tasks, priorities and processes

You feel more like a firefighter than a strategist or people manager

You want to find your spark again & have fun at work

You want more autonomy to do the things you feel are necessary

You want to engage, motivate and empower remote teams

This program is a gift. It’s an opportunity that we give to our employees to develop themselves because it helps people to really change. You become someone different at the end and feel equipped to cope with the change. Take the opportunity to be surprised and invite your employees to learn how to change. It’s online so it gives the opportunity to the people to practice wherever they are. As costs are not so high, we could offer it to a very large group. It’s between coaching and leadership.


HR Director Nestlé

“Almost everything in this program was new for me. The course brought a lot of peacefulness in my leadership, in my private life and in my relationships with my colleagues. I suddenly see more possibilities and options to choose from than before.”


Managing Director Mensura

It was really motivating for my team. They felt more empowered and got more recognition because of all the great work we did. I remember all the bad things I did before the course. If only, I had known the program before.


Take the first actions to become successful in fast-changing digital times.

The 10 mistakes I made as a traditional manager

Don't make the same mistakes I made during the digital transformation of my organization. In this ebook I explain the 10 biggest mistakes I made before changing myself & my actions.

How can I save time at work?  Five habits to ditch.

Many leaders are currently overwhelmed, working really hard & sacrificing important things. In this guide, discover why that is, and what the five habits are you should quit to save time at work & reach great results. 

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