Why business analysts play a crucial role in your transformation

2019-08-29 08:00:00
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The switch toward working agile can be challenging for business analysts: discussions about quality, the need to deliver great requirements in a short time, the communication with everyone,… 

The business analysts play a crucial role in a digital transformation and their jobs are changing drastically with working agile. We still need their expertise and value it greatly but we also want a new way of working aligned with the agile principles. 

How can you still deliver great quality while adapting to the new business techniques?

I was recently chatting about this challenge with my friend and colleague, Laura Brandenburg, who literally wrote the book on how to help mid-career professionals launch business analyst careers. 

While working from Andalusia, I recorded a short video with Laura and she shares how business analysts can be a critical part of the positive change in your organization, how they can use powerful analytical techniques to get everyone on the same page about the problem being solved, and how they can ensure your big-picture vision is realized in the detailed implementation of your projects.

Watch the video here:


Laura also offers a free training for business analysts that might interest you or one of your colleagues.



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