How I’ll make sure I don’t lose sight of my “why” again

2018-09-16 13:03:18
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I just launched the first real campaign for my online course “Leading authentically in digital times”. After a very brief moment of “Yes, I did it”, the doubts kicked in. Especially the doubts around failure, the doubts around success as it is defined today. What if I don’t make a lot of money and people don’t see me as a success? For the first time in two years, I felt really bad and stressed again.


I used to immediately jump into action and do something about it. But now, I didn’t. I managed to apply what I teach J I managed my energy and fears first. I centered, I had great conversations with friends and family, I went boxing, I partied and danced one night (that one I regretted a little bit the next day J), I had quiet dinners with good friends and I saw my old colleagues back.

And that really helped because I feel much better and see things differently now. Then today, I read Alain Vereecke’s post and watched the video he shared.


It reminded me of my “why”

That video created a shift for me, it made things clear again. It reminded me of my “why?”. In the last 2 months, I have been working on my marketing. And while doing that my old habits and my old definition of success came back. I was more focused on the “selling as much as possible” side than on my purpose.


In these fast-changing digital times, I want to have a positive impact on leaders’ well-being (financial, organizational and personal) while continuing living the life I currently have. That is why I am doing all this. I don’t want to become the woman who made 1 million with her online course, I want to become the woman who changed many leader’s lives while living the life of her dreams.


My dual bottom-line

And to do that, I am going to follow Steve Macadam and Andrew Limouris’s lead. They both are CEO’s who implemented a dual bottom-line: profit & purpose. I want to keep focus on my purpose that way. My company’s dual bottom-line will be:

  • Be profitable
  • Have a positive impact on 100.000 leaders


From now on, everything I do should contribute to my dual bottom-line. But how could I measure the positive impact I have on leaders? It’s not just through my online course but also through my workshops, my blogs, my videos, my marketing, my presentations, …


Does anyone have experience or a suggestion on how I could start measuring this?



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