What are the new leadership habits according to Dominique Leroy, the CEO of Proximus?

2019-06-27 10:47:00
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You’re not the only one realizing that things have to change, even in large organizations!

Becoming successful in digital times means changing the culture and leadership habits within an organization. Dominique Leroy, the CEO of Proximus, the leading telecom company in Belgium, understood this and shares her view on leadership habits in five short video capsules. Discover them here.

Do you want to stop being overwhelmed and get your life back?

I used to be stressed and overwhelmed too and almost burned out before realizing I had to change some of my habits. Today, I work much less than I used to while being even more successful and I want that for you as well. I have developed a 5-day challenge with Solvay Brussels School: "From overwhelmed to focused QiLeader" that you can get for free. For five days, you'll receive one video and one challenge. It will uncover a system that will get you out of your busy stressful life and into more impact and peace of mind.

How can you get free access?

First, you download a free guide "How can I save time at work". You'll receive this free guide and a personal link. Then, you share your link with colleagues and friends. It will allow them to get the free guide as well. When five friends register to the free guide as well, you get access to the 5-day challenge. And you help me build a community of leaders that I can serve.

In summary:

What's the catch? There is no catch but I explain why everything is for free in this video where I pour my heart . 





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