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I'm Murielle Machiels

I’m a Belgian entrepreneur, an academic director, an MBA teacher, a podcaster and a mom with big dreams.


I’m obsessed with transforming leadership for a better tomorrow, I can be a great empathic coach at times, and then I can also be a rebel kicking ass, challenging the status quo or just having fun.


Today I have a great meaningful life. I mostly work from home to be present for my children, I spend a quarter of my time in a great Andalusian village in the mountains surrounded by oranges, olives, grapes, and great people, I walk and exercise, I love going to the spa or for a drink with my friends.


I only work for a couple of hours per day while I’m also an entrepreneur and an academic Director at Solvay Brussels School, a famous Belgian Business school. I started this trend of working less when I was still the CEO of a media company.

I didn’t always have this meaningful life...

In fact, I used to be overworked, running from one meeting to the next, trying to deliver my never-ending to-do list, thinking that maybe I had to make a choice between having a great life or a career, frustrated because things didn’t go as planned. 

Until I hit a crossroads,

  • I could continue working hard but I felt that would lead to me burning out.
  • I could change jobs but it was the same everywhere.
  • Or I could find a way to deal differently with these overwhelming fast-changing times.

I choose “option 3” and my life was completely transformed. Not only my life but also my company. What I discovered increased not only our revenues and profits but it transformed our culture. It eliminated burnouts and decreased our absenteeism to half of the national average. We were all feeling better, working less, and having a bigger impact.

But it wasn’t a stroll in the park, it was a bumpy road transforming myself and my organization.

And what kept me going was this will to prove to the world that I could lead an organization successfully with my heart despite the very high pressure to deliver.

And so, when I succeeded, I wanted to help other leaders and organizations.

For the past years, I’ve helped many leaders & organizations achieve similar results through online courses, workshops, and keynotes. My main leadership course is also part of the Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA).

When I succeeded, I wanted to help other leaders and organizations.


Leaders from some of the world’s biggest corporations trust us :

What lights me up ?

Making leaders feel better and less alone because this transformation journey can get lonely.
Helping people not only professionally but as a whole so that their family lives are richer too. 
Changing the mindset from “I’m not good enough” to “It’s possible and I want to start now”.

A few facts about me

— 1 —


Although my 2 sons are now proud to be bigger than I am.

I love our moments together and how happy and independent they are.

— 2 —


From the CEO of a 130 people company to a start-up.

I loved both aspects and helping the people in my organization feel great and grow.

— 3 —


That’s what most of my intimate friends call me.

I love having fun or deep conversations with them.

— 4 —


I felt very weird the first time someone called me that and proud at the same time.

— 5 —


Something I don’t like to talk about especially when people say:

”How can a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman like you still be single?” 

— 6 —


I always have big dreams and ambitions.

It’s a blessing and a curse because it gets me far but it’s sometimes hard.

Are you ready to transform your life, your team or organization?

Do the leadership test & find out what type of leader you are in these overwhelming times.

Meet the QiLeader Team

Tatiana Machiels 


I'm Murielle's sister. We started this journey together. I make sure that everything is up and running behind-the-scenes. 

And I also support municipalities with their data projects.

Daphné Vlerick


I'm passionate about education, entrepreneurship and ecology!

Always on my phone, I've made it my job. I joined Murielle because I believe that change must first come from the heart!

Vincent Degardin


I'm the programme manager at Solvay Brussels School that manages the QiLeader online course.

I also coordinate the Solvay Leadership Summer Camp.


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