10-Day QiLeader Free online Coaching

Lead with your heart in times of crisis

Learn how to better deal in times of crisis and uncertainty, to manage your fears, to be more at peace and support the people around you.

In this free online Coaching

You will learn to...

— 1 —

Take care of yourself

in crisis time and feel more centered

— 2 —

Manage your fears

and act from a place of love, not fear 

— 3 —

Define what's important for you

now and in the future

— 4 —

Better manage through uncertainty

 and make better decisions aligned with your values

— 5 —

Support the people around you

to better navigate this crisis (your family, colleagues and friends)

“This course is a gift. You become another person at the end of the course. You actually better cope with all the changes. Although it is online, you feel connected with the other learners. Also, I feel more balanced since following it. Take the opportunity to be surprised !”


HR Director Nestlé

Testimonial from the QiLeader online course : "Leading authentically in digital times"

Life as you know it has changed

Organizations are currently in crisis mode and this period might be followed by everything slowing down. As a consequence, life as we know it has changed drastically. How do you deal with this? How should you manage your fears? How should you balance the needs of your employees, your family, your customers and your own? A crisis is a great opportunity to practice new habits... and help you feel more at peace and aligned with who you truly are.

Join me in this journey to lead with your heart in times of crisis. It can make a big difference for our world.

This is a Must Attend If...

You want to better deal with this crisis

You want to feel more peace & better support others 

You want to connect more with your heart than your fears

You want to clarify what's important for you now and in the future

You want to be part of a community that supports each other

A personal invitation from Murielle…

I am a coach and an expert in authentic leadership. I help leaders and organizations better adapt to change while feeling better. My course is part of the MBA of Solvay Brussels School.

The participants of my course feel more at peace and are better able to handle uncertainty. I believe in today's times of crisis, we have to support each other and this is my contribution to you.

By joining this 10-day coaching you'll be better equipped to deal with our current crisis and feel better. I hope I'll see you in the course. Every day, you'll have access to one short video that will guide you through these challenging times. You'll also be able to ask questions and find support from our community.

I hope I'll see you inside.


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